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Common Questions

Why do I need strategy support?

You may not, depending on the strength of your team. Strategy is ultimately about helping you make and execute great decisions for your business. If you are faced with executing a high-value activity that is exceedingly complex, relies on the support of multiple internal and external stakeholders, is something you’ve never done before, and/or the risks of “getting it wrong” can be catastrophic for you or your business, you may need Strategy support.

What does a Chief Strategy Officer do?

A Chief Strategy Officer is a key advisor to the CEO and C-level leadership of major corporations. This individual is tasked with solving the most difficult growth challenges, creating a compelling “call to action” that drives alignment across the organization, and overseeing the execution of the resulting long-term plan. The role requires business & financial acumen, research expertise, storytelling abilities, and the ability to work across functional departments and silos. Our goal is to provide this same level of expertise in a model accessible to small and mid-market firms. 

Do you sell companies?

No. We’re not a broker or a banker, though we can provide you with referrals should you need one. Our focus is on helping you transform your business, whatever that may be. It is not limited to selling your company.

Are you a lender or investor?

No. We are consultants, and planners focused on helping you prepare your company to work with whoever you want on your terms.

I don't want to sell, why do I need an exit strategy?

The word “exit” can be challenging to hear. What you need to understand is that the process of preparing your company to sell or run without you will result in a great business that runs itself. Whether you want to transform your business to accelerate growth, turn it into a lifestyle business, or transition out, an exit strategy simply helps you achieve your vision. Exit planning is not a sign of the end, it is just a good business strategy.

I want to transform my business and attract additional investors, what do I need to do?

To transform your business, you need two things: 

  1. Remove all the risks from your business so you have a solid foundation on which to grow, increasing your likelihood of success.
  2. Have a well-run business that will attract the right capital partner. 

The process I use uncovers the issues that will hold you back on either or both of these elements. Interestingly, the same process works whether you are trying to grow the business or sell it!

I already have a business coach or facilitator, why do I need you?

Our process is intended to be complementary to what they’re doing, not a replacement. Think of it this way: we will help you define the roadmap, and your existing coach can help you implement it.

I don't have any advisors or don't know where to find them, can you help?

Yes. One of the biggest challenges for many business owners is pulling together the right team of advisors, attorneys, CPAs, consultants, and others to effect a successful transformation or exit. We are happy to refer you to other advisors, but the decision of whom to work with is yours. We will provide options, you make decisions.

What makes the telecommunications sector unique?

Growth in any sector is challenging, but telecommunications has some unique aspects that require more expertise. First, as a more regulated industry, familiarity with issues of FCC licensing & reporting, USDA grant funding or other aspects is necessary to ensure compliance issues are met while capturing growth. 

Additionally, when you tell your “story” in telco, you need to align with the key drivers of today, including things like public funding, 5G networks, and Edge-based IoT. Lastly, with more than $130B in public funding available, the government is poised to be another potential partner for companies looking to transform. 

These issues are essential to help owners have the best strategy when preparing a transformation plan or exit strategy for telco companies.

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