We empower you to create a long-lasting, valuable business.

Are you…

…excited by your business’s future potential but need help pulling all the pieces together?

…feeling overwhelmed by the sheer amount of disruption from competition, government regulations, and technology trends, and are afraid you’ll “miss” something big?

…frustrated because you have thrown money, resources, and the “kitchen sink” against an ongoing business issue that’s sucking up your time and retarding growth?

…feeling trapped by your own company and wear too many hats?


If any of these apply to your situation, we can help.

At Sunstone Associates, we act as your own personal Chief Strategy Officer by delivering strategy services on a fractional basis to bring you and your team clarity, stability, confidence, and momentum to help you grow the value of your business and achieve your long-term goals. We have deep experience in the Technology and Telecommunications space, but work with a variety of small and mid-market firms.


Sunstone Associates
can help you if you…


Need help in managing all the moving parts to your grand vision so you can ultimately be successful.


Need to identify the source of impediments to growth and how to fix them.


Need to clarify your personal, long-term plans with the business or after the business.


Need to understand what drives your business value and what you need to do to grow it.


Don’t know if your business is ready for a transition or a succession.

Strategy services on a fractional basis

We offer three services to help you, as the business owner, on this journey.

Strategic Advisory & Planning

We help you overcome growth barriers and build your growth playbook to grow the value of your business and manage disruption.

Business Strategy & Consulting

We help you resolve complex, strategic decisions that impact your business and make your cross-dysfunctional team functional again.

Transition & Succession Planning

We help you achieve the maximum value from your business so you can realize your dreams.


“Brings a unique ability to structure and frame difficult business problems into manageable work. Highly versatile, able to get up to speed on any technology or business problem and quickly define the core problem, providing options and solutions.”

– Managing Director, Telecommunications Firm

“A strategic leader and thought partner.  Has a unique ability to resolve incredibly tough and complex technology and business issues that helped us drive our strategy during fast changing times. Regardless of the topic, able to distill complex issues to the core decisions to be made while bringing the best talents of the team to bear.”

Chief Network Officer, Telecommunications Firm

“A great thinker who brings strategic clarity to the most challenging business situations.  Is a trusted leader who works across functions to drive consensus and focus the organization on exactly the right next steps. Brings insight, clarity, and enthusiasm to our most challenging issues and moves us toward key growth opportunities.”

Head of Strategy, Software & Services Firm

“Delivered quality results on time and on budget, the market polling conducted reached points of expertise in those segments that would have been very hard to get to on our own. Overall, Sunstone’s holistic organization of the approach to the project and the world-class talent on the team made for a powerful combination. The Sunstone team is a uniquely effective thought partner for client strategy and go-to-market needs. The recommendations and conclusions from the engagement will guide our strategy for a long time to come.  Highly recommend.”

CEO, Software Startup Firm


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